In 2011 Charis’ artwork was spotted by Tern TV, who asked her to present The New Reclaimers on UKTVHome & be the artist & designer who would create bespoke upcycled pieces for homes from salvaged & unwanted items. Charis jumped at the chance to show the world what can be done with ‘trash’, and was soon gaining notoriety as the Salvage Sister. In 2013 Raise the Roof Productions asked Charis to be their salvage expert & reuse designer in Channel 4’s ‘Fill Your House for Free’ where Charis once again wowed the viewers with bespoke homewares made from skip-finds, unwanted furniture & materials destined for landfill.

The Salvage Sister’s moto is ‘waste not want not’ and she certainly lives up to it. Charis now sells upcycled pieces from her online shop & can be commissioned to create all kinds of items for homes & businesses from reclaimed & salvaged materials.

Just a few of her previous commissions are shown in the photos above & below, she has made an art deco window frame from reclaimed barn cladding, an usherette inspired display unit from an old mannequin, a mobile festival bar from pallets, plus many lamps & light fittings from a range of different materials. Charis has even built an aquarium from an old G3 iMac, and she designed & constructed her own workshop out of scrap in just a few months.

The sky’s the limit where this one is concerned, you never know what’s coming next!
See more of Charis’ design work & commission her by clicking here which will open Salvage Sister in a new tab.