Charis is an artist, designer, TV Presenter, public speaker & columnist, most recently recognised as the salvage expert on Channel 4’s new prime time television series ‘Kirstie Allsopp’s Fill Your House for Free’. Charis is seen driving around the UK searching for unwanted quality furniture & materials for home makeovers. She skip dives, visits reclamation yards, junk sites, reuse centres and barters her way to top quality bargains, before upcycling her bounty to fit the designs in the homes.

Charis first hit our screens in 2011 as the artist, designer & presenter of The New Reclaimers on UKTVHome. The New Reclaimers aired in the UK in 2011 & has since gone global, even showing in countries as far afield as Australia. Charis runs her own design business ‘Salvage Sister’ where she can be commissioned to create one of a kind pieces for homes & businesses from reclaimed & salvaged materials.

Charis coins herself as a ‘Professional Bargain Hunter’, having been brought up in a household with the catch phrase ‘waste not want not’ by two rather eccentric Brightonian parents, one which grew up during the rationing of World War two, and the other who set up Brighton’s renowned Revamp Fancy Dress shop some 30 years ago. Charis has always been a creative person with a keen eye for design, colour, texture & fabrics. She won numerous drawing and design awards at school. Her art business ‘Brighton Wall Art’ focuses on her artwork. Through Brighton Wall Art she can be commissioned to design & paint bespoke portraits or murals for the home or business, including larger scale work for theme parks & leisure facilities.

Charis loves fashion, although you won’t see her wearing the same outfit as anyone else! She approaches her style in the same way she does her art & design, which gives her the unusual edgy look that she has become well known for. 99% of her clothes are secondhand from charity shops, self upcycled, vintage pieces brought in one off ‘back street’ eclectic shops & Brighton’s North Laine, or internet auction sites.

Recently Charis has been approached by many major paint, homeware & media brands to head their campaigns & events. These international brands & organisations see her as the perfect ambassador for their products & services. Charis brings a female touch to a very male orientated industry, and with that comes something very special & unique that gives other women the confidence to try themselves.

Recently Charis was the face of B&Q’s Facebook campaign, she designed & fabricated 34 large wooden letters from B&Q’s products for their competition giveaway, and led the B&Q masterclass for 12 female bloggers that wanted to learn how to use power tools & create their own letters with Charis’ know-how. Charis always chooses the brands she works with carefully & will only endorse companies she respects & would, or does use herself. With many more projects lined up for 2016 Charis is very excited to show her skills to a wider audience & influence more people to upcycle, salvage & reclaim.

Charis is asked regularly to write for magazines & newspapers about art, salvage, up cycling & her career. In 2015 she was asked to become Reloved magazine’s monthly salvage columnist & agony aunt, where she shares her professional tips & tricks, and a little behind the scenes info on what a Salvage Sister gets up to day to day.

When Charis is not busy building the empire she loves to travel, seeing new places, meeting new people, and spending time with her children. She also loves learning new skills that she can put to good use. Her greatest loves after her children & design are music, film, fashion, fitness & travel.

She also works passionately to create awareness for her campaign to change the Child Maintenance System, having featured in front page press & the radio sharing her own personal experiences & calling for change to a very badly run system. You can read more about the campaign on the Facebook campaign group here – https://www.facebook.com/groups/1661962750689743/

In the future Charis plans to travel the globe encouraging & creating awareness for reuse, seeing how & why other countries recycle, reuse & salvage and what they make from junk.
Her mission is to get us all working together so we can all benefit from saving cash and making our environment greener while still focusing on beauty in design.

Visit Charis’ Salvage site here: www.salvagesister.co.uk

Visit Charis’ Art website here;  www.brightonwallart.co.uk